Classes and workshops Traditional Japanese Dance (Nihon-Buyoh)
directed by Juju Alishina (Dance Company NUBA)

Nihon-buyoh classes will take place only by private lessons during the 2021-2022 season.

The information below is for classes that were held until the 2020 pandemic:



Regular Class

Wearing the kimono,Basic attitude, Walking, Expression, Dance using fan, An approach to Kabuki
Understanding Japanese song, Japanese folk dance

Dance using fan
Dance using tenugui
Dance using parasol

Wearing the kimono

History of the Japanese Dance
(projections of video)
Lesson of White make-up


Private Lesson

for all levels

Working hours

By appointment 7 days a week, from 9 am to 10 pm

Your home or dance studio
(a 10 sq. meter room is all that is needed)

Outfit & equipment
Towel, water, pillow,Yoga mat optional

5 classes – 10 hours: 400 euros (4 months validity)
10 classes – 20 hours: 600 euros (8 months validity)
20 classes – 40 hours: 1000 euros (12 months validity)
Unique 2 hours class: 100 euros
First trial offer - 1 hour : 50 euros

Payment by several installments accepted
Subscription cards are strictly personal and can be neither returned nor exchanged
Discount rates for couples and groups

Appointments rescheduled within 24 hours before the date planned: without penalty
Same-day cancellation submitted to a 50 % penalty
Same-day cancellation without prior notice will be fully charged.

Private lesson is intended for women only.
Men training possible upon recommendation.
(Regular class is for women and men)

photo: Christian Faur
Workshops in Your City !!

From 3 days to 1 month

For 3 to 20 students

For all ages and levels

Example: 1 week, 3 hours per day, for 15 students

( renting of kimonos possible)
* We can rent kimonos only for our workshop.


Juju Alishina now offers private lessons online in addition to the usual group lessons.
on the Zoom platform
If you are interested you can ask us for an appointment by e-mail.
The price for private lessons is 30 euros / 30 minutes

We have created a new website devoted to traditional Japanese dance:
Come visit it by clicking here.

Regular Class

for all levels
Every Saturday

12:10 to 13:40
* 12:00 -14:00 including the preparation of kimono.

Gymnase des Lilas
(Centre sportif des Lilas)
5, rue des Lilas 75019 Paris (M° Place des Fêtes)

*you can use the tickets of Butoh class

    • Rates without membership: 1 class = 20 €. 4 classes = 70
    • Rates with membership: 1 class = 17 €.
      1 year pass 300 €
    • Membership fee to the association NUBA: 35 / 1st year
      25 / from 2nd year
    • Ways of payment : Directly to the professor. check or cash.
    • Subscription card
    1. Once purchased, tickets are not reimbursed.
    2. Tickets are nontransferable to others.
    3. 1 year pass : Valid to 1 year from purchase.

      * We order your kimono (Yukata) to Japan. Reservation .


In Japanese dance, wearing the kimono is indispensable for two main reasons.
It is necessary to know that the kimono is a bearer of the entire philosophy of Japanese traditional dance; it is not only an accessory.Wearing is desirable for training to move correctly and practice exercises, and especially to give beauty to the carefully measured gestures.
* Before the war, kimonos were worn every day in Japan but today one has to go to school to learn how to wear a kimono. Juju Alishina has a diploma in the art of the kimono and in class you can learn these methods with a Yukata (basic Kimono in cotton).

DVD of the Japanese Dance

Cie NUBA, Documentation Centre for Traditional Japonese Dance.

Company NUBA receives every month newest recording of theater KABUKI, NOH and NIHON BUYOH (Japanees Dance) from Japan. We organise evening projections and discussions with our students of dance class.




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